LadyAngst (lady_angst) wrote in tpl_watch,

Anyone still out there, still reading? I know we haven't dicussed this_pop_life in a while, and I wasn't even going to bother saying anything, but I'm still dissapointed that I've been following a storyline for--what has it been now, 3 and a half years?--and when it was finally brought to a conclusion, it happened almost completely offstage. I know the people who write this are writing more for themselves (by which I mean the whole roleplay, not themselves as individuals), but I would like to think that the readers deserved a little better than that.
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I haven't really paid any attention to TPL since I left it, but now I'm curious as to what happened!

What happened? :)
Hard to say, since, as I said, it mostly happened where we peons couldn't see it happening. Something about JC having a crush on Howie Day and Lance deciding that JC wanted to do something about it, even though JC said he didn't. And I think maybe Lance sort of offered JC to Howie to get it out of his system? Or something. And Lance and JC kept talking about getting away to Europe to reconnect, which turned out to be a romantic long weekend in Paris during which they broke up. And now JC is broken and Lance is travelling and sleeping with Johnny Rzenick. Or something. Lots of or somethings.

I know it's silly to be bothered about this, but it's like when you have a favorite tv show that you make the effort to see no matter what and then they change it in such a way that ruins it for you. You have no say, no rights, as it were, but it's still a disappointment.
We never thought you guys were "peons." And honestly, everything that happened between Lance and JC, with the exception of the final talk, happened in the LJs. JC and Lance still don't play with each other in IM, so if something were to happen more with them, it would take place in the LJs.

Sorry you were disappointed. But when we started playing with people outside of nsync, we had to change the way we played.
It's been so long we honestly forgot people could be reading us. There was a long time when we weren't doing anything with them.

Yes, most of our play has moved to IM. We know there's been less play in journals, but just the nature of the game resulted in a change. We're involved with a lot more characters outside of *NSYNC now. More pieces of the story can be found in their LJs, some of which might be locked.

And really, you're not missing that much. There was no roleplay convo between Lance and JC in IM either for the exact breakup. We just talked about it and updated with the aftereffects. An actual convo doesn't exist.

We do this for us. We enjoy it the way we play it, so we're not really catering to the "civilians". The audience we write for is mainly the game itself. I'm sorry you got disappointed.
We enjoy it the way we play it, so we're not really catering to the "civilians".

I recognize that. I even said that in my post. It's just...I've been reading longer than some--maybe many--of the participants have been participating. I know that entitles me to absolutely nothing, but it still makes me inexplicably sad. That's all.