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Wow, so many events in one little post.

JC: Does he still wanna be with you? Or does he wanna be with her? Or . . both? Which might be kinda weird, but hey, whatever works for you guys . . .

Chris: Yeah, not really so big on the threesome thing these days, C.

I get it! No more threesomes! Sheesh. Moving on.

JC: ...she never gets to keep anyone. Not me, not you, and now not Ron. So don't make me feel guilty for feeling for her. Cause she's my friend too.

Maybe if Bobbie looked beyond the circle of guys that she knows, this wouldn't keep happening...?

It's a big, wide world out there, Roberta, go find a man who'll put you first, who isn't necessarily tied to the NSyncers and their pals! You're a pretty woman, and JC seems to think the world of you. Go find love! You can do it!

Chris: In fact, I don't really care to continue this conversation at all any more, Joshua. *hangs up*

"Joshua". That speaks volumes. *cough*
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