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May. 30th, 2003

10:16 am - tap... tap... tap.... is this thing on?

There's drama galore in LJ *NSYNCland, and yet none of our faithful watchers seem to care! Have we driven you all away with our crazy antics? Do we need yet MORE drama to impress you? (If so, please don't tell JC that. I beg you.)

What's a guy gotta do, cut off a limb? Work with us, people!

Apr. 19th, 2003

09:45 am - Sniff.

Man, I really miss the Sync-on-Sync lovin', ya know? Like really.


::crickets chirp::

I like Ron and everything, but I want Syncers loving Syncers, dammit! And yay! Beth grabbed a little dignity for herself. I still think that she and Bobbie make a cute couple. ;-)

This was interesting, but where's the kissing? The cuddling? The sex? I want boys touching! Chasez/Kirkpatrick or Chasez/Bass or Bass/Kirkpatrick! Or Chasez/Kirkpatrick/Bass (butthatain'tgonnahappen) I'm easy! I'll take anything!

::crickets chirp::

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Apr. 4th, 2003

11:32 pm - I don't know why I even bother checking

After waiting all this time, we're now told that JC and Lance "talk," that they're "okay" and that they can "just work on moving on." This all happened offstage? ARGH!

(And yes, I understand that there is a new "Lance.")

Mar. 14th, 2003

11:01 am


Do we not amuse you anymore?


I'm just kiddin'. lol.

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Feb. 23rd, 2003

04:37 pm

Oooh. The boys are getting rather catty. Fun!

Jan. 28th, 2003

05:11 pm - Fem Slash!

My prayers have been answered. Female Slash is here and it's happening with the pop princessess. Britney and Mandy are living together now and they had a little chat with one another that led to a kiss initiated by Britney. They pulled away. The next day she called up her boyfriend and told him. Slim Shady didn't seem too thrilled, but he let it slide because Britney played the innocent role. I think Britney likes girls like Mandy in particular because she still seems heartbroken at how Mandy shrugged it off as nothing. They're both with their boyfriends, but could there be more to this story?

As a fan of fem slash I am rooting for a Christina/Britney pairing. They're hanging out and Britney kisses girls. Christina kisses everyone so it could work. It also made me smile to see the Brit/Joey interaction. He invited her to his party. Will she go? If the Christina/Mandy thing doesn't work I would like to see something come out of Britney and Joey again. Chris/Joey thing is dead. It'll make sense for Britney/Joey to try their thing again.

Eminem who?

Jan. 26th, 2003

12:04 pm

See, now I don't want to leave my computer, because this is where the other shoe drops.

I hope Jc yells. A lot. And makes Lance feel really bad. Because he should.

Man, I am *way* too involved in this.

Jan. 23rd, 2003

07:50 pm


Did I miss something?

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Jan. 22nd, 2003

06:01 pm - Going against the grain

I know that we all love the boys together, but in some form or fashion, I'm kinda cheering Beth along. She's kinda shy and reserved. And she's been in the shadows for a long time. She kept her emotions and feelings under wraps this whole time. She followed him to Russia for goodness sakes.

I think she deserves her moment in the sun. As long as Lance is sure things are over with JC. Because it's not just Lance who will be affected by all of this, it's Beth and JC too.

Hopefully Lance will TALK to JC before he does anything. Lance himself deserves to go into things with a clear conscience. And JC also deserves to know what's going on, and Beth deserves to know how Lance truly feels.

08:34 am


I feel so sorry for JC right now. I mean, yeah, he's not innocent in all of this but. It's gotta be pretty hard to find out that the husband who you thought were working things out with takes off to Bankok without telling you and then gets it on with his best friend insted of talking to you like he keeps saying he's going to.

I think JC's gonna have to take his own advice and let go and try to move on. Cause it doesn't look like Lance is gonna be able to forgive, and looks like he's moving on. It's just a shame they couldn't have talked before it came down. On the plus side, now Lance can never get angry about the Bobbie thing, cause that would be pretty hypocritical. And at least JC pushed Bobbie away. Lance initiated the thing with Beth.

Looks like the boys are going Het. What a shame ;)

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