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Open to any and everyone who follows the (Live Journal) this_pop_life portion of the must_be_pop role-playing game. This_Pop_Life and Must_Be_Pop are communities built around a role-playing game, the actual celebrities are not involved.

This_Pop_Life and TPL_Watch encompass the following (courtesy of TPL's info screen):

"We're *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and their families, significant others, pets, beards and a few others that impact their collective worlds."

Is the game making you crazy? Are you loving a particular thread? If it involves This_Pop_Life, tpl_watch is the place for you to rave, vent and discuss.

Differing viewpoints and opinions are welcome and encouraged - this community has been set up as a discussion forum with no preferred viewpoint; everyone's opinions will be respected.

Most important: This is supposed to be fun!